Welcome I’m Aleks Danilov

a few words about me

I’m a web designer with more than five years of experience in various fields. My specialities include HTML, CSS, Photoshop and Illustrator. On top of that, I’m passionate about video planning, editing and streaming. I had the chance to contribute on several projects in the games industry, such as TERA, Runes of Magic and other acclaimed titles.

Flash (AS2)
Web Video Production


Beyond coding languages, I also speak









My proficiencies?

Here are my fields of expertise

Web Design

My experience with web design allowed me to understand the importance of user experience and design patterns. I’m always looking for new methods to improve the visuals of my projects.


As a passionate gamer, I am quite knowledgable of the market and terminologies of the field. I also had the opportunity to write game reviews for several german websites.


  • Aleks is a very open minded and dilligent worker with a careful sense for design and usability. His problem solving skills make him a very useful and important coworker. Plus he’s a joy to be arround and to work with. I have worked with him for half a year now and can only confirm and approve his skill set. I would reccomend him anytime!

    Lukas Hahn - Motion Designer
  • Aleks is a very creative and talented designer and web developer. He offers a wide variety of know-how and technical knowledge. Furthermore he had a very cheerful and comforting personality and it was great to have him in the team and work with him on projects which needed fast changes and flexible thinking.

    Luise Schröder - Graphics Designer
  • Reliability, carefulness and and a strong imagination as base for any visual-related task – those would be my first thoughts when being asked for the key attributes of Aleksander . Combined with his excellent behaviour, even in really work-loaded scenarios, Aleksander becomes a very valuable and benefical asset for any company privileged to work with him. For me it was a huge pleasure to have that guy around me, delivering always in time and quality.

    If I would look for an excellent graphic artist, Aleksander would be one of my first choices.

    Henning Schmid - Brand Manager
  • I worked with Alex for six month and the first thing I noticed was his great enthusiasm. Also he is skilled in different webdesign-applications and has a very good overview over the wide-range of web-trends.

    It was a pleasure to work with Alex, because he is a team-player and a pleasant person.

    Andreas Giesen - VFX Artist
  • I recruited Aleks as a voluntary Community Advisor for the online game Lunia Chronicles (EU). He assisted me by moderating the entire German language forum and contributing ideas to new community events.

    In the time that i conversed and collaborated with Aleks he showed great Knowledge and insight in to MMO Game culture and the wider games industry. He displayed to me a proactive nature, creative flair (in website designing) and an unmatched enthusiasm.

    I would be happy to collaborate with Aleks again in the future, utilizing his imagination and work ethic.

    Dwayne Cort - Community Manager



If you'd like to get in touch with me, feel free drop me a message using the form below!

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